"Sound will be the medicine of the future." ~Edgar Cayce

This Thursday
November 3rd @ 7:00pm

A Sound Healing Meditation and Chakra Balancing with the
Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Healing Harmonies

to reserve a space call 609-304-3335
Exchange $22 p/p

Shift your vibration, elevate
into a state of better health and well being with the harmonically balanced sounds of the Crystal Bowls...... releasing toxins, removing energetic blockages, clearing & balancing the chakras and strengthening your auric field

Need a little Tune-Up, Peace of Mind or
Vibrational Balance to your Energy Field?

Now Scheduling...
Individual Sound Healing Sessions:Gong Immersion, Tuning Fork Session or Virbroacoustic Table.... also, Private Group Sessions of 2 or more,
(offering a more personal and private gathering with your family or friends)

To schedule call Michele at 609-304-3335
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